It makes me feel like a serious fuckin’ rube when I think about how much I like my job. Honestly, who the hell does that? I like it so much it annoys my when my co-workers complain about it. I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s the first job I’ve had that I’m truly good at. Then I think about that, and that makes me sick, too. Who wants to be a good salesman? They make movies about us, showing how lame we are. It’s a running joke in our culture that some of us are the scum of the earth, mixing it up down in the dregs of society with lawyers and politicians. Sure, I’ve always taken pride in doing a good job, no matter what I’m doing, but there was a point when I realized how fucking good I am at getting people to part with their money for technology, and it made me ill and proud at the same time. Being an adult is terrific.